IQF Fruits

Frozen fruits are not only a good source of nutrients but also provide a steady supply of products and raw materials throughout the year. For example: raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, mango and also we can supply fruit mixes.

IQF Vegetable

Frozen vegetables are not only cheaper and easier to prepare but also have a longer shelf life and can be purchased year-round. For example: peas, cauliflower, beans and also vegetable mixes.

Nuts & Seeds
Nuts and Dried Fruit

These are nutrient-rich foods and constitute an excellent means to deliver health-promoting bioactive compounds. As such, they serve as important healthful snack items, besides being part of many traditional and new food recipes worldwide.

Seeds and Spices
Seeds and Spices

Spice and seeds are tiny aromatic fruits and oil-bearing used in various culinary dishes. For example: juniper berry, sunflower kernels, pumpkin seed, poppy seed, black pepper, kurkuma, chilli powder, cinnamon.


Superfoods are foods that have a very high nutritional density. This means that they provide a substantial amount of nutrients and very few calories.

Freeze Dried Fruit
Freeze Dried Fruit

Freeze-dried fruit is shelf-stable fruit that has undergone a process to remove nearly all of its moisture while retaining flavor and nutrients. It’s very light, with a dry, crispy texture and intense, concentrated fruit flavor.

Nuts & Seeds
Seeds and Spices
Freeze Dried Fruit
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We are recognized as one of the best in the business for trading, packing, processing and distribution of our products to all our customers World  Wide in selected market with food and spices. Find out how we can get best value for you from our high-quality products.
Emphasizing fairness and honesty in the workplace and in our interactions with customers, significantly enhances our company culture’s reputation and help us mitigate risk, as well as meet customer expectations.
CAVAS International BV - Supplier, producer of frozen fruits and seeds
CAVAS International BV - Supplier, producer of frozen fruits and seeds

WE TRADE FOR YOUTrusted partner

Due to our extensive experience, excellent knowledge of the frozen products market in the World and European market, we are able to advise all our customers when it is the right time to buy certain products.

We believe in long-term relationships and we want our customers to feel comfortable asking questions about the market and appreciating our expert opinion together with our team making the decision to purchase the product.

BEST QUALITYOur premium products

Cavas International BV is a dynamic, international food ingredients and additives trading company with world-class suppliers and an active brand policy that does not compromise on the quality and service we offer our partners and customers.

Based in the Netherlands, we attribute our growth and reputation to our emphasis on consistency at all levels of our business processes. This, along with providing market indices and insights, as well as competitive market prices, and regular forming of partnerships with reputable companies inspire confidence in our esteemed customers.

CAVAS international BVWhy Choose US

We are continuously working and remain committed to harnessing nature’s potential & serving our customers through high-quality products, innovative technologies and a vision to build a brighter future with natural food ingredients.

25 Years of Experience

Our experience and prestigious network allow us to monitor and gather valuable insights, trends and development from world markets, to ensure we deliver promptly, and not compromise on quality as one of our core value.

300+ Products

Retail packaging is what customers see before they get to see your product. Our factory is well-equipped to create crisp label packaging to help your brand stand out in stores and encourage brand loyalty for your customers.

Individual Aproach

Delivering high-quality products, reliability, and providing great customer service is what we do.
We do this efficiently by linking customers to global suppliers who are known in the industry for integrity and dependability.

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