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Chia seeds are relatively new in the European market, but in a short time they have become a well promoted and nutritious niche product. The demand and the different applications of chia are still developing. It is important to understand the risks of a novelty superfood in terms of the fluctuation in supply and demand and the implications of quality requirements and food safety.

Chia is a natural product with a neutral taste and natural odor. When its roasted, it has a slight nutty taste. However, when the seeds are mixed with other ingredients they have a completely neutral taste. Chia combines many different healthy nutrients in a single food and is a perfect addition to daily nutrition.

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Cavas International is a dynamic, international food ingredients and additives trading company with world-class suppliers and an active brand policy that does not compromise on the quality and service we offer our partners and customers.

Based in the Netherlands, we attribute our growth and reputation to our emphasis on consistency at all levels of our business processes. This, along with providing market indices and insights, as well as competitive market prices, and regular forming of partnerships with reputable companies inspire confidence in our esteemed customers.

Our approach is simple. It is customer-oriented. At Cavas, we offer authentic and natural Ingredients to more than 5,000 customers and partners worldwide in frozen fruits and vegetables, bakery seeds, nuts, spices, superfoods and more.

Additionally, we have a factory that enables us to provide smart package solutions and services in sorting and brand label packaging according to industry specifications. These packages mostly come in 10kg, 25kg, big bags.
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