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Freeze dried raspberries make a delicious snack to satisfy a sweet tooth. Packed full of vitamins and minerals these raspberries are perfectly healthy using only the highest quality raspberries. Whole freeze dried raspberries have been dried using a freezing process to remove all of the excess water found in fruit. This leaves behind all of the nutrients present in fresh raspberries and has a much longer shelf life.

Freeze drying fruit was originally developed to prolong the life of healthy ingredients such as fruit for people on the go and constantly travelling. They have a deliciously sweet flavour and a light and airy feel.

Benefits of freeze dried raspberries

  • All the benefits of fresh raspberries
  • Packed full of vitamins and minerals
  • Longer shelf life than fresh fruit
  • Easy to rehydrate and use in recipes
  • Deliciously sweet and incredibly moreish

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